Cafe Chingón

Traditional Mexican Food and Coffee

Welcome to Cafe Chingon, where passion for authentic Mexican culinary experiences meets the artistry of specialty coffee.

Meet the visionaries behind our distinctive establishment:

Adriana - Culinary Maestro

Embark on a culinary journey curated by Adriana, a seasoned culinary expert armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Culinary Arts and a rich tapestry of experience. Adriana’s expertise extends beyond the kitchen, encompassing event planning and management. With certifications in Cupping, Brewing, and Roasting, she ensures our coffee is a symphony of flavor, ethically sourced through fair trade practices.

Rodrigo - Philosopher of Flavor

Meet Rodrigo, our coffee connoisseur with a Ph.D. in Philosophy. As a trained Baker, Barista, and Roaster, Rodrigo infuses his philosophical approach into crafting a coffee experience that transcends the ordinary.


Our Collaboration

Together, Adriana and Rodrigo bring their unique talents to Cafe Chingon. Adriana’s culinary prowess merges seamlessly with Rodrigo’s coffee artistry, resulting in a harmonious fusion of flavors and cultural authenticity. From crafting exquisite Mexican dishes to roasting specialty coffee beans, their collaboration defines the heart and soul of our establishment.

Our Commitment

At Cafe Chingon, we take pride in our commitment to fair trade practices, supporting local farmers in Mexico. Every cup of coffee and every bite of our authentic Mexican cuisine is a testament to our dedication to quality, sustainability, and a genuine cultural experience.

Join us at Cafe Chingon, where every moment is a celebration of Mexican culture, culinary artistry, and the love for exceptional coffee. Experience the warmth of our hospitality and the richness of our offerings as we invite you to savor the true essence of Mexico, right here in Turku, Finland.

This is a damn good coffee!

¡Este café está chingón!

Cafe Chingón

            Every day Lunch


 27 to 30 of  May 

  • (V,) Mexican white rice, fried rice with onion and garlic, peas and carrot.
  • (Gf) Chicken or mushroom enchiladas 

served with salad a side.  

  • Includes coffee, flavored water, and a small dessert
Friday 30
Chilaquiles day.
With Chicken or veggie chorizo 


Authentic Mexican Cuisine

Explore our diverse menu of traditional delights.

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+358 102998000

Turun Kauppahalli
Eerikinkatu 16, 20100 Turku

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